Deepali Phadnis – The Cult Queen

Deepali Phadnis – Founder and National Director of Mrs India Pageants. An inspiration and a role model to many women to feel eternally beautiful and showcase their inner beauty, talent, glamour and culture through Mrs India platform.

“Challenges are good. Accept them, they help us grow” believes Deepali Phadnis, Founder and National Director of Mrs India Pageants and a former Mrs Asia International. She is a mentor and an inspiration to thousands of married women to break the stereotypes associated with marriage, step above and beyond the mundane and make a mark for themselves. She started Mrs India to give a platform to married women in India through which they can express themselves. In her own words – “We at Mrs India focus less on finding models and more on creating role models who can inspire women in our country”. Catering to an age group of above 18 years, this pageant is aimed at rebuilding confidence that women tend to lose after getting married and being focused on family and children. The competition accepts entries upto an age of 70 years as Deepali feels that age should never be a constraint in life. In fact, she pioneered the ‘Classic Category’ for the first time in India for women above 40 years of age as she thinks every woman is beautiful and every woman should feel beautiful.

The Making of a Role Model

Mrs India – “I am a Woman – Eternally Beautiful!”

In an interview with The Essence team, Deepali said “Being a woman is itself many times the essence of struggle of being a woman. Sometimes a woman has to give two times more efforts to prove her worth and yet she has to take criticism in return. Woman is a very easy target, people think it is very easy to corner her. Every success of a woman is assumed to come easy only because she is a woman, however, every smallest of small failure is attributed to her being a woman”.

Staying connected with success is her motivation

She goes onto describe early days when she started Mrs India – “When I started doing this thing all alone without any support in an entirely new industry, I was not at all taken seriously. Everyone thought I cannot do it without any support. Everyone had a suggestion to take support but, no one came forward to support because according to them I will be a failure and they never wanted to be the part of something which is uncertain. Beauty industry expects a woman to be perfect in everything but when it comes to support and encourage her, she only gets criticism”.

World is very hypocritical about a woman’s success and failure

The Inspiration

Commitment and staying focussed to her endeavours are Deepali’s strengths

Fearless and passionate about creativity, Deepali says “I am very simple live and let live person! I love to take life as it comes to me and let things go when they want to. At the same time I am a no-nonsense woman. I do not mind going overboard for things which I feel are important to tackle but I never waste my time for unproductive nonsense. I never think twice to go out of way to address reasonable things in my life, I will never give-up until I achieve it. I have so much of clarity about everything I do so it is very difficult for anyone to put me down”. Deepali says that staying updated with ever changing trends is a big challenge – “By the time we accommodate to present trends, new trends pop-up from nowhere. These trends give you no choice but to adopt them or else one will be lost. However, these challenges give us opportunity as well to bring freshness and implement many creative ideas”.

Deepali with her queens at Mrs India North 2017 Finale

Speaking about the impact of Mrs India revolution that she started, Deepali says, “I am happy and content, touching so many lives and inspire people to live life of their choice. I celebrate being own-self and that is what I aim at”. She has this beautiful message to all wonderful women out there – “Today is the Time of Woman. In the world, today’s woman is encouraged and appreciated, though there are many underlying challenges that she has to face but certainly, today’s woman is not living in as difficult situation that she did in yesteryears. So, this is your time. Make maximum out of it”.


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  1. Ma’am,
    you are an inspiration for all.You have changed the meaning of life after marriage & given us this wonderful stage to express ourself,to share our talents & groomed us to gain confidence that lead us to international arena successfuly.Its only your effort that had given us glory nationally & Internationally !
    Thank you ma’am…!!!

  2. आपके जज़्बे एवं संघर्ष को तहेंदिल से सलाम !

    आप एक प्रेरणास्त्रोत है
    सभी विवाहित महिलाओं के लिए,

    आपका एक बार पुनः अभिवादन !!

  3. “The Essence” truly captures the essence of what you are, a Mentor and Motivator to many, and an inspiration to a generation of married women helping them realize their potential and finding their own identity. You have catapulted married women from being home makers to becoming international celebrities. I salute the hard work and passion that has gone into pioneering the concept of Mrs. India, which is fast snowballing into a national revolution!

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