Jyoti Chawla – An actress turned Entrepreneur and her love for Baking

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Jyoti – a dedicated and hard working lady with the essence of strong mind and right approach towards her brand ‘Petite Swirls’ and a well balanced lady of the house along with being a loving and nurturing mother of two.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Jyoti Chawla is the founder of Petite Swirls – a designer bakery offering lip smacking cupcakes and other bakery delights. Having lived in London and also worked as an actress in the Indian television industry, Jyoti, is the face of today’s modern mom who goes out and solve problems that not only she faced being a new mom but also helps other new moms. She is a multi-talented personality with a very down to earth nature and she loves kids and baking other than being a travel freak. She also loves to explore life as it comes and never gives up in her hard times.

Entrepreneurship Beckons

Jyoti says “I could not find any good cupcakes for my first child’s 1st birthday party and being a creative person, I decided to do some tasty designer cupcakes for my child. That eventually led me to take professional bakery classes in London. Thats how I started.” She and her family moved to India where she started catering from home. Demand started increasing which led to a workshop outside their home. Now known as Petite Swirls, she has a workshop, staff, machines and you name it, it is there. This is how from a small birthday party, Petite Swirls is now a big bakery brand.

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Petite Swirls cup cakes

In an interview with The Essence team, Jyoti said “doing all this makes me feel happy and gives a sense of accomplishment which keeps me going, though it is very difficult to manage a self run workshop and give time and attention with patience to your children and family.”

Pearls of Wisdom

Like many other strong women, Jyoti is also trying to work her way out and achieve her goals. She advises to all women from her experience – “Please don’t ever give up easily. Manage the situation and act accordingly. You cannot be perfect so don’t stress about it as no one is, instead, give your best to yourself, your  work and family. One life… Live it fully. Love yourself & embrace your talent.”


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