Pragya Prakash – Fashion Designer with Global Dreams

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With an aim to support society and contribute to national development, Pragya is all set to redefine Indian ethnic fashion with her venture ‘Kutumb International’.

“S traight from the heart person who believes integrity means happiness and my happiness is smiling faces around me” is how Pragya Prakash likes to describe herself. A graduate in clothing & textiles, she started her career with FabIndia and is currently the entrepreneur behind Kutumb International which she established in 2015. She is a person full of vigour, talent, passion and has the ability to conquer the stereotypes. She wants to establish herself as a fashion designer with a touch of creativity and simple yet elegant designs with an international edge. She’s determined to achieve new heights with her venture Kutumb International and make it known and desirable worldwide.

Turning her dreams into reality

Pragya believes its important to believe in yourself and self confidence to shape up your aspirations into reality is a must. Being married should not deter you from pursuing your dreams and achieving your goals. She herself is a loving mother and a wife and single-handedly manages her home as well as her business, which she is able to do only because of her strong determination and highest degree of passion for her work.

In an interview with The Essence team, Pragya said “my family’s support and love is what drives me”. She starts her day with fulfilling her family’s daily needs. She then goes on to her business related commitments. She is a shopaholic as well and has a great appetite for new fashion trends. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her son and family and also travel.

“I am a lazy bug when at home so no routine like workout.”

Aspirations, passion and challenges

“Women entrepreneur with international recognition”, Pragya said when we asked her about her ultimate goal. She also said, “I aim at being successful at that level where I can help and support society in some way which could contribute in national development”. She feels people with right ethics is critical for any institution.773762_218423108493313_7967000695975221957_o “I see ethics missing in people and knowing them and dealing with them is real challenge as I believe group of people make any institution whether its work or home”, she said.

Attributing failure as her fear factor, Pragya’s high aspirations and self confidence keeps her motivated and strong. She describes her passion as “to chase my dream and make it real into a globally known brand Kutumb”. Values, ethics and traditions is what the heritage of Indian culture is based on. Kutumb is a Sanskrit word which means family, and the brand embodies and stands for such principles and morals. Family is all about love, trust and reliability and thats what Kutumb International stands for.

Pragya is a strong positive person and a woman who believes that everything is possible. She says “I am a loving mother and wife and responsible daughter, sister, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law” and believes her strong point is her hard work and honesty which form The Essence of her life. When asked what message she wants to give to women of today, she said “Relax, Focus on your happiness, Respect other woman and Do whatever you want to do because we are unstoppable.”


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